Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Chicago
The State of Illinois Presents: Budgeting for Results and Paying for Success in State Government

Learn more about a pay-for-success social impact initiative, where a child welfare service provider works closely with “dually-involved youth” to reduce their chance at recidivism.Big Data Week Events -- 6Th May
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Chicago
BellaDati Presents: Data Discovery for Business Users

Every manager wants to see human readable data. But, insights based on data and backed by the intuition of trustful analysts are the ones that can have immediate impact on your bottom line.Big Data Week Events -- 6Th May
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Barcelona
Les dades en la recerca científica

A la Facultat de Física de la UB, jornada matinal, oberta a tothom, per parlar de les dades de recerca des de diferents disciplines.
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Technology and Marketing: How to Collect and Analyze Data to Make Informed Business Decisions

Have you ever wondered what to do with all that data you have collected? Or how to collect that data in the first place? Come join our elite team of programmers and savvy marketers from the KL Ruby Br . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Wallonia
(Big) Data art, rencontre autour de la création artistique utilisant les données (massives)

Les artistes ont, depuis toujours, investit le champ de la « visualisation des données » (datavisualisation ou dataviz). D’ailleurs, cette dernière est souvent décrite comme étant un art : l’art . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Event Agenda for Big Data: Endless Possibilities

Welcome to Big Data: Endless Possibilities
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – New York
Big Data in Ad Tech – Developers & Engineering Meetup with Datacratic & Spotify

Join Datacratic & Spotify for a developer & engineering meetup to talk about big data in Ad Technology, real time bidding solutions and content customization. May 6th in NYC! Tickets are going fast . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Chicago
How Morningstar Turns Datapoints into Analytics for Financial Research

A look at how Morningstar turns billions of datapoints into trustworthy financial information for investors at all levels of sophistication.Big Data Week Events -- 6Th May
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Bournemouth
Big Data: Everything you need to know to get started

The media is all over this Big Data thing. But what is it and how the hell do you get started with it? This event is Big Data 101. Four 30 minute talks designed to help you make a practical start to u . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Missoula
Big Data Demonstrations & Meet and Greet

The University of Montana School of Business will host presentations on data analytics, security, and Big Data presentations by faculty and students Tuesday, May 6th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Gallaghe . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Atlanta
Ecommerce School: Big Data in Ecommerce

Ecommerce School is a place where education is shared, best practices are discussed, and solutions are found. The audience ranges from college kids to professionals, everyone is welcome and has someth . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Hull
Hull Big Data week social – smart cities and the internet of things

Please come along for coffee and cake to discuss everything around big data. We are very keen to hear ideas and thoughts around data created by smart cities, for smart cities as well as the use of the . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – London
12th London Machine Learning Meetup

Meetup for the London Machine Learning community: next edition on the automated statistician.
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Perth
Big Data Protection / Cloud technical seminar

Hear from Rob Mollard (SGI) and Jamie Sunderland (AARNET) talk about Big Data Protection and Cloud Services respectively at this technical seminar.
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Chicago
Kamal Tahir of Datamyx Presents–Part 1: The Big Data Revolution is Expensive. Re-Evolving Your Data is Not. Here’s Why.

This is the first of a two-part discussion on how re-evolving your data strategy can help organizations of all types and sizes save time and money on their way to Big Data success.Big Data Week Events -- 6Th May
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – São Paulo
Big Data Week São Paulo 2014 General Sessions

Conferência oficial de abertura do Big Data Week São Paulo 2014 com sessões sobre o mercado, tendências e casos de uso de Big Data no governo e nas corporações.
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Atlanta
How to Become a Developer or Data Scientist

Attendees can expect a series of short 10-minute presentations from developers and data scientists from all experience levels (beginner to advanced), sharing their best tips on getting into developmen . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Barcelona
Big Data & Smart Cities

La quantitat de dades públiques i privades que genera la ciutat són cada cop més grans, especialment arran de la implantació d’estratègies per convertir les ciutats en Smart Cities. Com podem apr . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Bern
Bern – Analytics for Government & Telecom – Swiss Data Week 2014

Another Swiss Data Week event: an afternoon session about Analytics for Government and the Telecom industry.
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Perth
Mega Data Cluster meeting

RABBLE with the best – whats on your mega data cluster mind? Go for it Perth!
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Berlin
MongoDB User Group Berlin: Advanced Data Analysis with MongoDB and R

In this talk Mario Koppen will give a short overview about R, the available connection to MongoDB and present some Big Data analyses using R and MongoDB
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Toronto
Viafoura Big Data Week Tech Talk 2: Big Data Infrastructure

This meetup is for the data infrastructure geeks. We will cover some of the more technical aspects of how to actually store and process all of that data. Love Cassandra (the database of course!) So do . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Wallonia
Roaming through Big Data

Big Data has become one of the major IT challenges of this decade. The data processing including mass invaded the speech and literature of the sector Information Technology and Communication (ICT).
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Chicago
Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business Presents: Translating Big Data into Business Decisions 

The value of Big Data is how it can be leveraged to identify actionable insights. Join us at the free event to learn how informed analytics can lead to better decisions.Big Data Week Events -- 6Th May
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Barcelona

Sesiones introductorias a diferentes herramientas para el trabajo con datos, tanto para la preparación como para el procesamiento y la presentación. Los talleres tendrán lugar el martes 6 de mayo y . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Atlanta
How Big Data is Changing Education

How is the explosion of data transforming education? Speakers from UGA, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State and iSchool Initiative.
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Harwell
Big Data – Open & free data available for use by businesses

The Big Innovation Centre and the Science & Technology Facilities Council are organising an all-day event where UK research councils present the free, open data they have ready for organisations to us . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Kuala Lumpur
Big Data: Endless Possibilities

Big Data is moving from hype to reality. It’s time to translate Big Data awareness to making it work for everyone. Essential to businesses and governments, BD creates value for the country’s econo . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Birmingham
Doing business with data

Big data. Open data. The potential for creating innovative businesses seems limitless. Our communities are looking for useful solutions to complex issues such as mass transit flow, better health syste . . .
Event LogoMay 6, 2014 – Atlanta
EDA Toolkit for Data Scientists

This innovative tool provides for significant productivity gain and time savings on data manipulation.
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