Using data from interviews with over 178 000 Americans, North Dakota wins the prize as America’s happiest state. Scores evaluating peoples’ sense of purpose, social well-being and financial and physical factors played a role in determining which states are happiest. But who knows, maybe North Dakota is America’s happiest state because its actually very close to Canada.  FreshprincelogoThe Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index also found that West Virginia is at the bottom of the happiness scale – so no wonder the Fresh Prince decided to move to Bel Air (California may not be in the Top 10 but it certainly isn’t in the bottom 10 either). Interestingly enough, West Virginia ranks just behind New Mexico when it comes to average duration of sex. So people aren’t particularly happy  compared to the other states but at least their sex life seems healthy.


Image Credits: Heather Helvey
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