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With over 20 years growing and leading technology companies, Frank Bien built his career on nurturing strong corporate culture and highly efficient teams. Prior to Looker, Frank was SVP of Strategy for storage vendor Virsto (acquired by VMware) and VP of Strategic Alliances at big-data pioneer Greenplum, leading their acquisition

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As of last week, the team of STORM was in China – being treated as movie stars, with young students fighting to take a selfie with the motor and the team, and several autograph sessions. The CAN data cannot be sent these days due to internet restrictions, and our analytics

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Thinking about going the cloud-route for your big data analytics strategy? You’re not alone. Suddenly, the cloud has become a hot topic in the analytics software world and in particular big data analytics. While customer relationship management (CRM) software and other applications, like payroll and expense reporting, have steadily moved

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Few things in technology outside of catching Pikachu on your iPhone have been hyped as much as big data. However, with any trending topic, new technology or invention that’s being called the “wave of the future,” it’s important to look past the hype and analyze what’s actually going on. Outside

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Self-service analytics has become quite the buzz word recently. As organizations look to become more data-driven, the promise of self-service is certainly alluring: the ability for all users, regardless of their role or skills, to analyze data and make smarter decisions. And even though self-service analytics tools have become increasingly

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Data lakes are based on a simple idea: You can store and analyze massive amounts of raw data at scale. But why data lakes? Here are five reasons why IT leaders are excited about this idea: Unfortunately, lots of companies end up with a data swamp instead of a data

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