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Whether you’re already working in IT management or still on your way up, you should be sure of one thing: that you’re as comfortable working with people as you are working with tech. As a leader in IT, you’re responsible for much more than technology. You’ll likely spend as much –

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Are you one of those project management professionals inclined to handle big data proposals? Having a strong project management background would add excellent support to your aspirations. However, for setting up a big data project team, you don’t just need good project management skills. You also need to supersize the

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Big Data

People all over the United States have been preparing themselves for the impact of tax reforms passed in 2017. Of course, some of these changes provide massive benefits to businesses and individuals, while others remove certain deductions we’ve become accustomed to. An accountant is still a filer’s best friend when

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By now, any data professional worth his or her salt should know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This EU law, set to be enforced in May 2018, has sent shockwaves (and a fair bit of fear) across many industries and professions. But, perhaps the one area set to

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI are the latest technologies transforming business — carrying on from digitization and big data. It is difficult, however, to pull apart the hype from implementation and distinguish the realities from the marketing jargon. Pete Williams is a “data evangelist” who works with companies to get them

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For those with chronic health issues or life-threatening illnesses, the line of specialists and procedures can seem endless. Moreover, each time a new practitioner or clinic is visited, the patient is required to fill in long and complicated forms – especially if a medical insurance is involved. It’s now clear

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