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Data Natives speaker Nasir Zubairi is the CEO of LHoFT Foundation (The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology), a public-private sector initiative that drives technological innovation for Luxembourg’s Financial Services industry and Luxembourg’s hub for FinTech startups. With two decades of experience in Financial Services, he has been particularly involved in

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Cognitive applications have become constant companions at our places of work. We expect smart systems to reduce repetitive workloads and support us in uncovering new Knowledge. As a result, data scientists and software engineers are applying various machine learning algorithms to finetune results and increase processing capabilities. At the same time,

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Blockchain’s reach has gone past FinTech and is now finding more applications in cybersecurity. Threats have become more rampant and complex. As such, cybersecurity firms are now looking to leverage these emerging technologies to provide improved solutions to these threats. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks remain to be among

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The importance of data science is only going to grow in the coming years. As we see the results of our data-empowered work take form in how we shape our businesses, our products and our own goals, we are beholden to take a reflective gaze at the relationship between our

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DNX-India17 Promo Code (for 20% off on all tickets): KJS20  Valid until October 20th  It’s already less than two weeks until the Data Natives X India conference commences in none other than amazing Mumbai! With the event just around the corner and so many incredible speakers to see, we took the time to

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A breakthrough in the field of natural language processing (NLP) has been achieved with the Retina engine, which elegantly solves numerous text-data processing problems faced by big businesses. The Retina engine surmounts the obstacles in dealing with terabytes of unstructured text data, thanks to a unique algorithm that is

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