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What Is A Shell In Computing With Examples? Explore Shell Types In Linux (Sh, Bash, Csh, And Ksh) And Find Most Used Shell Commands.
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What is a shell in computing? Most people are familiar with shells as the tiny protective coverings that some species, like clams, crabs, and mollusks, have. An egg may also have a shell, which you should remove before eating. However, in computer science, a shell is a piece of software

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Meteor Unleashes 1.1, Allowing One Codebase For Windows, Os X And Linux
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Meteor, the open-source Javascript platform for building web apps, rolled out its latest offering last week. Adding to its previous availability for OS X and Linux, Meteor 1.1 offers development on Windows and support for MongoDB’s new 3.0 database engine. The new release adds support for developing applications software on

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Microsoft Face Tagging
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Microsoft has sneaked in a new Windows 8.1 app that helps the user tag their own personal photos utilizing the photos tagged in their Facebook accounts. Dubbed AutoTag‘n Search My Photos, it learns and recognises the facial structure of friends, leveraging Facebook, and then tags photos in the Pictures Library

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