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A New Platform Launched By Vodafone And Google Called Ai Booster Aims To Handle Thousands Of Ml Models A Day Across 18+ Countries.
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A new platform launched by Vodafone and Google called AI Booster aims to handle thousands of ML models a day across 18+ countries. AI Booster is the result of 18 months of development and is built upon Google’s Vertex AI and integrates with Vodafone’s Neuron platform. When Vodafone began work

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Mce Systems Computer Vision And Vodafone Uk
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This article was originally published on Grit Daily and is reproduced with permission. One of the more commonly used AI developments is computer vision. Whether it is Google Lens or Pinterest Lens, it is easy to get users to adopt. After all, 1,074 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second

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Vodafone’s Ambitious Attempt To Boost Data Services
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In an article recently published by the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Vodafone and Imperial College in London are working on a new initiative to improve data quality and allow for “bigger and faster traffic” for consumers. By placing small data centers near mobile cell towers – effectively

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