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Qubole Provides Self-Managing Data Platform As A Service On Microsoft Azure
Data ScienceNews

Qubole, a self-service Platform for Big Data Analytics, announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft Azure in a step to make Big Data solutions more accessible to more people on more platforms. Big Data is an elastic workload and the ideal cloud use case. The Qubole Data Service is a great

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Microsoft Azure Will Kill The Traditional Datacenter: Three Observations
Data Science

Last week I attended a specialized training/go-to-market program in Seattle hosted by Microsoft’s Azure team.  It was a week full of clam chowder, excellent crab cakes, ridiculous discounts at the Microsoft store, and technical training on Azure, Microsoft’s massive and fully loaded penetration point into the world of cloud computing. 

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Hadoop’s Unprecedented Growth Trips Switch For Data Migration Tools To Ease Enterprises’ Adoption Of The Platform

What is essentially a Domino trip, the growth of Hadoop, as more enterprises adopt the platform, has triggered the need for a tool to help with data migration in and out of Hadoop. “In theory, getting data into and out of Hadoop is well within the capacity of both the

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Hadoop: The Components You Need To Know
Understanding Big Data

Follow @DataconomyMedia It’s been suggested that “Hadoop” has become a buzzword, much like the broader signifier “big data”, and I’m inclined to agree. It could certainly be seen to fit Dan Ariely’s analogy of “Big data” being like teenage sex: “everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do

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