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Reported Ransomware Attacks Increased 47% In July

In July, there were 198 reported ransomware attacks, a considerable increase from the 159 logged in July 2021 and a month-over-month and year-over-year increase. Additionally, the rise contradicts a generally reliable seasonal trend that witnessed a reduction in ransomware activity from May through June into July. This is corroborated by data

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Crypto-Enabled Cybercrimes Are On The Rise

Digital currency proponents have long contended that cryptocurrency and other blockchain-based tokens, such stablecoins, are preferable to traditional finance. According to a new investigation by the research group SSRN, the rise of cryptocurrencies has significantly aided in the creation of a “entire criminal ecosystem” that has been built on top

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The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, A Security Cloud That Processes More Than 200 Billion Transactions Each Day And Prevents 150 Million Assaults, Now Has Ai And Ml Capabilities.
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Zscaler, the market leader in security services edge (SSE), unveiled a number of new features in its security platform that are intended for businesses who wish to implement zero trust in the cloud and manage risk from cyberthreats. The announcement coincides with Zscaler’s expansion of its partnership with Amazon Web

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In This Article, You Can Learn Blockchain Security Issues And Challenges In 2022, Blockchain Security Best Practices, Blockchain Security Certification Courses, Blockchain Security Salary, Blockchain Security Companies And More.

Today, everyone is concerned about cybersecurity, and they should be. Cyber-attacks are on the rise, yet whenever a new IT development appears related to blockchain, people inquire: How safe is blockchain technology? It is an effective tool for ensuring data integrity. But that doesn’t imply it’s completely secure. Before we

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The Era Of Digital Workplace, Enterprises Are Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies And Today We Are Going To Discuss How Ai In Security Systems Could Help Businesses Increase Their Cybersecurity.
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In the era of the digital workplace, enterprises are utilizing cutting-edge technologies and today we are going to discuss how AI in security systems could help businesses increase their cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent than you may realize. AI technology is used in a variety of important

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The Future Of Healthcare Data Security
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The healthcare industry, like many sectors, is undergoing a substantial data-driven transformation. New technologies like telehealth platforms and the internet of things (IoT) generate more granular medical data and make it more accessible. While this has many benefits, it also raises considerable healthcare data security concerns. There were 714 healthcare

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Phishing Email Detection Is Key In Order To Prevent Cyber-Attacks Through Which Fraudsters Entice Users To Send Money And Sensitive Information, Or To Install Malware On Their Computer, By Sending Them Fraudulent Emails Or Messages.

Phishing email detection is key in order to prevent cyber-attacks through which fraudsters entice users to send money and sensitive information, or to install malware on their computer, by sending them fraudulent emails or messages. Because phishing attacks have grown more prevalent, developers have worked hard to create more sophisticated

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What Is Iot Security, Iot Security By Design, Internet Of Things Security Challenges, Common Cyberattacks Targeted Against Iot Devices
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IoT security is a subset of information technology that focuses on securing connected devices and internet of things networks. When bad actors search for IoT security flaws, they have a high probability of hacking vulnerable devices. Industrial and equipment connected to them robots have also been hacked. Hackers can alter

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How To Secure Iot Networks?
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Internet of Things (IoT) solves the critical problems of many sectors, from production to health, from transportation to logistics. However, the increasing security risks for IoT networks require caution when taking advantage of connected devices. Interconnected IoT objects are not the same devices, objects, or services. Each object has a

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Towards the end of 2021, the Facebook (now Meta) family of apps cost the company nearly $100 million in revenue thanks to a six-hour-long outage. In addition to revenue losses, it drove millions of users to rival platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Signal. The problem of website downtime is

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