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Oxford Business School is collaborating with ‘Digital Transformation Company’ Polaris Consulting to launch an education program aimed at making bankers digitally aware. The Oxford Polaris Digital Academy will strive to help bankers understand the demands of digital business. Jitin Goyal, CEO of Polaris, said the company has built universal digital

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Big Data

I recently helped out at an access initiative for Oxford University, and the experience got me thinking about how we could bridge the state-private divide in Oxbridge and the Russell Group schools. According to Professor Les Ebdon, director of the Office for Fair Access (OFFA), the biggest challenge facing fair

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My colleagues and I have devised a mathematical model which can be used to predict films that become blockbusters or flops at the box office – up to a month before the movie is released. Our model is based on an analysis of the activity on Wikipedia pages about American

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