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Fintech start-up Number26 is the latest entrant into mobile banking services in Europe. Launched earlier this  year, this start-up promises to fix all the oddities of the European banking system. In CEO Valentin Stalf’s words- “We are providing Europe’s most modern current account, bank account,” he told Techcrunch in a

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Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea last year, tech companies are blocking transactions in the region, upholding the U.S. sanctions on Crimea. These blocks have been brought about to exert pressure on Russia which is in conflict with Ukraine over Crimea. Both the U.S. and Europe support Ukraine in the conflict.

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How Mastercard Sees Big Business In Selling Customer Data
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According to a recent Reuters article, MasterCard believes that the selling of data to retailers, banks and governments will be big business for the company in the future. MasterCard handles more than 2 billion customer payments and can generate that data in real-time to map consumer behaviour – making the

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