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Why There Are It Outages – And What To Do About Them?
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What do fat fingers, power failures, and Godzilla have in common? Answer: They have all been responsible for IT outages that, even if they aren’t caused by Godzilla, can cause monster-sized budget holes for companies. How monster-sized? A Rand Organization report says that according to 98% of organizations, IT outages

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C-Suite Whispers: Considering An Event-Centric Data Strategy? Here’s What You Need To Know
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Digital transformation dominates most CIO priority lists pertaining to questions such as:  How will digital transformation affect IT infrastructure? Will technology live on-premise or in the cloud? Depending on where that data lives, an organization requires different skill sets. If you’re building these resources in-house, then you need an infrastructure

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India: It Infrastructure Spending To Reach $1.9Bn This Year

According to a Gartner study, the Indian IT infrastructure market will reach a total of $1.9 billion in 2014, a 4 percent increase from 2013. The study also predicts that by 2017, IT infrastructure in India — server, storage and networking equipment — is “poised” to be a $2.35 billion

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