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The Arrival Of Scalable, Fault Tolerant Big Data Ingestion
Data ScienceTechnology & IT

The concept of data ingestion has existed for quite some time, but remains a challenge for many enterprises trying to get necessary data in and out of various dependent systems. The challenge becomes even more unique when looking to ingest data in and out of Hadoop. Hadoop ingestion requires processing

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Datatorrent Scoop $15M To Simplify &Amp; Speed Up The Big Data Pipeline

Over the past few years, DataTorrent have made a real name for themselves in the big data analytics space with their propietary real-time streaming (RTS) on Hadoop technology. Today, they announce an extra $15 million funding to smooth out the wrinkles in the big data pipeline. This latest cash injection

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Using Kafka And Yarn For Stream Analytics On Hadoop
Data Science

Understanding Big Data: Stream Analytics and YARN Real-time stream processing is growing in importance, as businesses need to be able to react faster to events as they that occur. Data that is valuable now may be worthless a few hours later. Use cases include sentiment analysis, monitoring and anomaly detection.

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Making The Most Of The Internet Of Things
Internet of Things

Himanshu Bari is the Director of Product Management for DataTorrent. His prior experience includes working a Senior Product Manager for Symantec and Hortonworks, a Strategy Consultant for Panasonic, and a Senior Systems Analyst for Goldman Sachs. The number of connected devices related to the Internet of Things is rapidly growing,

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Datatorrent Rts Released, Processes 1 Billion Data Events A Second
NewsTechnology & IT

Yesterday Datatorrent’s first product, DataTorrent RTS, became generally available. DataTorrent RTS is alleged to be the first platform on top of Hadoop capaple of processing more than 1 billion data events per second. Founders Phu Hoang and Amol Kekre noticed a gap in the market whilst they were both working

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