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Ai Data Management
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AI thrives on data. The more data it can access, and the more accurate and contextual that data is, the better the results will be. The problem is that the data volumes currently being generated by the global digital footprint are so vast that it would take literally millions, if not

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Retailers And Data Management
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Data is an indispensable resource for retailers. Today, most retail businesses understand that they must capitalize on digital data, but fewer know how to make the most of it. If these companies hope to reach their full potential, they must improve their data management. Data management is often a struggling

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Data Management Investments Stumble
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The bulk of investments made in data management platforms thus far has not been money well spent, according to a Data Value Scorecard published today by data lake platform Dremio. The scorecard finds only 22% of the data leaders surveyed said they have fully realized a return on investment (ROI)

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Securing Competitive Advantage With Machine Learning
Data ScienceMachine Learning

Business dynamics are evolving with every passing second. There is no doubt that the competition in today’s business world is much more intense than it was a decade ago. Companies are fighting to hold on to any advantages. Digitalization and the introduction of machine learning into day-to-day business processes have

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What If Companies Managed Their Data As Carefully As They Manage Their Money?
Big DataTechnology & IT

Rich Miner — Android co-founder, formerly Google Ventures, now Google — asked me recently “What if companies managed their data like they manage their money?” It’s a basic but profound question that merits some thoughts based on my 25 years managing both information and financial functions in technology and data

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Big Data Isn’t The Problem - Data Copies Are
Big DataUnderstanding Big Data

Big Data. It’s everyone’s favourite buzzword. The Big Data trend has the potential to revolutionise the IT industry by offering businesses new insight into the data they previously ignored. For many, it is seen as the Holy Grail for businesses today. For organisations, it’s the route towards better understanding exactly

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Are You Taking Control Of Your Data Or Is It Controlling You?
Data Science

In spite of the fact that the term “360-degree view of the customer” has become ubiquitous in the data management and CRM realm for quite some time, it is still quite rare to find a company that has achieved it. The same problems that have plagued companies for years, blocking

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'Streams In The Beginning, Graphs In The End' — Part I: Data Management For The Internet Of Everything
Data ScienceTechnology & IT

‘Streams in the Beginning, Graphs in the End’ is a three-part series by Dataconomy contributor and Senior Director of Product Management at Cray, Inc., Venkat Krishnamurthy – focusing on how big changes are afoot in data management, driven by a very different set of use cases around sensor data processing. In this first part, we’ll talk

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Alation Unveil Their &Quot;Google For Data&Quot; From Stealth Mode

Alation, a California based data accessibility startup emerged from stealth mode last week to make available its enterprise data accessibility platform that promises to bring together machine learning and “human insight” to assist the data-driven organisation’s workforce in collaborative analytics, data search and discovery, data optimization and effective data governance.

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Reltio Grabs $10M To Fuel Data-Driven Decision Making
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Provider of data-driven applications and modern data management solutions for the enterprise, Reltio, has secured $10 million in a Series A funding. The capital came from Crosslink Capital and .406 Ventures. The venture funding is intended to fuel product development, and overall expansion of sales and marketing initiatives. Reltio also

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