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How Big Data Is Quietly Fighting Diseases And Illnesses
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As Big Data becomes more and more integral to healthcare, everyone on the food chain will begin to see changes. Governments, universities, businesses, everyone has a stake in the future of health care. In recent years, Big Data has already offered up amazing proof of its applications, by helping stop

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Disclaimer: This article was originally posted on in 2014 covering the spread of the Ebola With the Ebola threat still looming large, widespread efforts are being made to identify, quarantine and treat possible carriers. BigMosaic, a big data analytics program developed by the Centers for Disease Control in collaboration

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The Fight Against Ebola May Have An Ally In Data Science, Believe Experts
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Big Data may play a key role in impeding the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus according to experts in Data Science. Jai Vijayan while writing for Information Week explains its the unlikely channels are opening up to fight the spread. WHO’s predictions for this week, of 70% fatality rates

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