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At&Amp;T Announces Insider Data Breach, Apologizes But Remains Quiet About Nature And Extent Of Breach

AT&T disclosed earlier this week that it is the latest company to have been subject to a data breach. An employee allegedly gained unauthorized access to customer data and may have obtained Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers among other details, according to telecom giant. AT&T wrote a letter

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At&Amp;T Use Big Data To Improve Efficiency &Amp; Customer Experience
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At the Hadoop Summit Conference this week, AT&T Vice President of Big Data Victor Nilson outlined the ways in which AT&T are using Big Data to cut costs and improve customer experience. The volume of data in the AT&T network has skyrocketed by over 50,000% in the past six years.

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Entering A New Era Of Technology: At&Amp;T Innovation Showcase
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Last Friday saw AT&T presenting new prototypes and discussing the future of technology at their Innovation Showcase in New York. Among the prototypes displayed were GPS sensors for luggage, software for streamlining equipment management in businesses and accessible data visualisation software than can be run from a laptop or tablet.

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