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Big Data 101: Intro To Probabilistic Data Structures
Big DataData Science 101Understanding Big Data

Oftentimes while analyzing big data we have a need to make checks on pieces of data like number of items in the dataset, number of unique items, and their occurrence frequency. Hash tables or Hash sets are usually employed for this purpose. But when the dataset becomes so enormous that

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User-Centric And Entity-Centric Analytics, The Perfect Combination For Iot Security
Internet of Things

Cisco and Microsoft have recently invested in the Internet of Things (IoT) – indicating not only that IoT has reached massive scale, but that tech giants are clearly putting their bets behind it. Why? Because IoT is changing the game. Consider the collapse of the I-35 W Mississippi River Bridge

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World Cup Analysis

The question of who is the greatest football player of all time has been a topic of public debate for decades. One of the main influencing factors of answering that question is ‘the reminiscence bump’ – a phenomenon that describes the way people connect most strongly to the cultural eras

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