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Bhoopathi Rapolu

Bhoopathi Rapolu is the Head of Analytics, EMEA at Cyient. In this role, he is responsible for customer engagement, solution development and business development. He has over 15 years of experience in business Intelligence and technology management, and has spent the last few years evangelising about the integration of Operational Real-Time technologies with IT technologies. He has conceptualised and delivered intelligent asset management solutions powered by telematics and advanced analytics primarily for Aerospace, Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Utilities and Telecom. He has also built and run large BI systems and has delivered enterprise-level solutions for advanced functional and operational analytics platforms.

Internet Of Aircraft Things: How Analytics Of Ioat Is Transforming The Aerospace Industry
Big DataInternet of ThingsTransportation & Logistics

This year we saw the next generation of aircraft powered by the capabilities of Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data hit scales that have never seen before. At last year’s Paris Air Show, we saw the latest state of the art aircraft sporting engines that are able to monitor up

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Bringing Artificial Intelligence To The Rail Industry
Artificial IntelligenceBig DataMachine LearningTransportation & Logistics

Within the rail industry, anything which helps keep trains moving, avoiding operational delays and improves customer experience, is worth pursuing. Many OEMs are now investing significant resources into one of the most valuable and potentially rewarding currencies in business: Big Data. In rail, and specifically when it comes to rolling

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The Power Of Analytics : Solving Problems Beyond Finding Insights
Data ScienceTechnology & IT

Emerging technological breakthroughs enter our consciousness promising a bright future, but more often than not they follow Gartner’s well plotted hype cycle – from the peak of inflated expectation through the trough of disillusionment, before mainstream adoption materialises. Some technologies, however, take on a new meaning after a prolonged maturity

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Predictive Maintenance: Big Data On Rails
Data Science

With passengers once again left frustrated by rail delays and disturbance over the Easter period, UK rail operators will no doubt face further scrutiny over the quality of service they are providing commuters. With services frequently disrupted by signalling problems, broken-down trains and congestion, the industry, the Government and, of

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