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Voltdb Secures $9.8 Million To Expand Streaming Analytics &Amp; Iot Capability
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VoltDB today announced that it has raised a $9.8 million round of funding to extend its SQL in-memory database to power the next wave of real-time, fast data-driven applications. The round was led by strategic investors with participation from existing investors Kepha Partners and Sigma Prime Ventures. Innovations in today’s enterprises

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Challenging The Lambda Architecture: Building Apps For Fast Data With Voltdb V5.0

Traditional databases historically haven’t been fast enough to act on real-time data, forcing developers to go to great effort to write applications that capture and process fast data. Some developers have turned to tools like Storm or Spark Streaming; others have patched together a set of open source projects in

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Voltdb On Ibm’s Softlayer Runs Data Analysis 5X Faster Than On Aws

In-memory database VoltDB, reported that their New SQL in-memory database can provide almost five times faster application performance for Fast Data analysis on IBM’s Softlayer cloud platform than on Amazon Web Services. Scott Jarr, co-founder and chief strategy officer, VoltDB, said, “The recent entry of so many tools addressing Fast

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Weigh, Sql Vs Nosql
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SQL vs NoSQL Since both languages have equal number of proponents when deciding which language to use, Network World invited two influencers to share their views on SQL vs NoSQL. Ryan Betts, CTO of VoltDB, is a stark proponent of SQL and will therefore take the structured side. Bob Wiederhold,

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