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The Blockchain Glossary We Have Prepared Also Includes The Highlights Of The Web3 Glossary And Nft Glossary Of Terms, Aiming To Explain What Is Any Term.

The blockchain glossary we have prepared also includes the highlights of the web3 glossary and NFT glossary of terms. Blockchain terminology is expanding daily with the increasing popularity of blockchain technology. It isn’t easy to keep up with all of it. Rather than cryptocurrencies, there are several blockchain use cases, such

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A Beginner'S Guide To Fintech Terminology

FinTech is easy to get wrapped up in. It’s an exciting field that’s taking power away from traditional, bloated banks and giving the industry a much needed facelift. It’s helping the underbanked (as any FinTech enthusiast will tell you a hundred times), and many popular FinTech technologies are becoming integrated

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A Beginner'S Guide To Big Data Terminology
Data Science 101

Big Data includes so many specialized terms that it’s hard to know where to begin. Make sure you can talk the talk before you try to walk the walk. Data science can be confusing enough without all of the complicated lingo and jargon. For many, the terms NoSQL, DaaS and

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