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Data Around The World Part Vi: Hackathon At Stanford
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As of October 4th, the STORM team is traveling the US, with exciting events such as a visit to Tesla and Google, driving on the Golden Gate bridge – and a hackathon on the STORM data at Stanford University. What was the hackathon about? A simple task: let’s crunch some

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Stanford Researchers Invent Multistoried Chips To Address The Rise Of Iot And Big Data
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Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a new high-rise chip that is “smaller, faster, cheaper – and taller”, owing to the stacking of requisite components. The IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting which was held at San Francisco, between December 15th and 17th, witnessed the team present a paper

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Six Data Scientists You Should Know
Data Science 101

Coined only 6 years ago by D.J. Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher, the title “Data Scientist” has grown to prominence in recent times. Indeed, data scientists are some of most sought after people on the planet. Companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Netflix have relied heavily on the expertise of data

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