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Looking To Engage March Madness Fans? Head To Instagram, Say Origami Logic
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The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Basketball Tournament, branded the March Madness has been raising a social media storm through last month. One startup (amongst many peers), has been providing tools to gauge and provide actionable data to marketers throughout the event. Cross-channel analytics provider Origami Logic found that although Twitter

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Next Gen Sports Analytics Rolls Out As Second Spectrum’s Proprietary Offering Debuted At 2014 Nba Playoff
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Second Spectrum, a sports analytics startup has developed a software that enhances audience viewership through data visualisations and live-statistics during the game, in real time. Garnering support from former Microsoft Chair and New Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, the Second Spectrum’s proprietary software system was debuted at Staples Center for the

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How Big Data At The U.s. Open Is Changing The Fan Experience
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Tennis fever is in the air. The U.S. Open tennis tournament recently concluded in New York City’s Flushing Meadows, and fans experienced an electric atmosphere as the biggest stars in tennis faced off. Watching an exciting tennis match provides plenty of entertainment by itself, but the overall experience is getting

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How Technology Is Changing The Face Of The Nfl
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When the Oakland Athletics first pioneered their “Moneyball” approach to baseball, they received a fair amount of scepticism. Today, however, using data to help you assemble the right team and get to know your opponents has become an ubiquitous approach across many different sports. We’ve reported on its use in

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Nba'S Game-Changing Big Data Camera System

This season sees Big Data hitting the basketball courts, as every NBA team has access to intricate data which tells them the position of the ball and every player, for every second, in every game of the season. The company making it happen are SportVU, founded in 2005 by technicians

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Competitive Edge: Big Data Meets Fantasy Football
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Competitve Edge, a new digital platform, will be providing Big Data insights into the world of Fantasy Football from August onwards. Beyond the traditional approach of picking players based on past performance metrics, Competitive Edge will allow users to make informed decisions based on mental, physical and environmental factors which

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Applying Big Data Analytics To Sports
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Data is more than just power. It is supreme. At least, this is the message being put forward to executives today. Taking heed of this advice, organisations across all industry verticals are upgrading their data management systems, investing in new resources, and using their rich databases to streamline the practices

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