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Why You Should Learn R First For Data Science
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This article originally appeared at Sharp Sight Labs. Follow Joshua Ebner, the founder of Sharp Sight Labs, on Twitter. Read more here. Over and over, when talking with people who are starting to learn data science, there’s a frustration that comes up: “I don’t know which programming language to start

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Python Packages For Data Mining
Data Science 101

Just because you have a “hammer”, doesn’t mean that every problem you come across will be a “nail”. The intelligent key thing is when you use  the same hammer to solve what ever problem you came across. Like the same way when we indented to solve a datamining problem  we

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Which Environment To Choose For Data Science?
Data Science

Summary: In the past, R seemed like the obvious choice for Data Science projects.  This article highlights some of the issues, such as performance and licensing, and then illustrates why Python with its eco-system of dedicated modules like Scikit-learn, Pandas and others has quickly become the rising star amongst Data

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