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Well, big data and social media are quickly becoming obsolete as descriptive terms used to categorize and label vendor-sourced SaaS and managed services used by marketing, PR, consumer insights, risk management, and predictive analysis professionals. When I began working in this sector in 2000, the nature of each of the solutions

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While taxi companies across Europe and elsewhere are battling app-centric rideshare and cab services, T Dispatch is looking to bring some semblance of balance to the situation. As VentureVillage highlights, it’s tough market for taxi companies who are yet to become “app savvy”.  “While Uber operates through a simple app, taxi companies receive calls

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According to Technology Business Review Inc., big data analytics are driving sharp growth for public cloud computing vendors. The report suggests that the top 50 public cloud providers experienced a 47% increase in their combined revenues in the fourth quarter last year, bringing the total to $6.2 billion. In particular,

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