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Can Fpga-Accelerated Systems Eliminate X86 Bottlenecks And Speed Value From Data?
Technology & IT

Big data was once the domain of big iron and big brand frameworks, but in recent years, data processing has relied on x86-based server farms based on CPU-driven architectures. Yet when it comes to real-time performance, these systems just don’t hold up. Von Neumann computing architectures – most commonly seen

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Ryft'S Big Data Analytics Platform Promises 10Gb Per Sec- Or Faster- Performance
BI & AnalyticsNews

Ryft, a big bata outfit that has products which offer ‘actionable intelligence from complex data’ has rolled out a new analytics platform that claims to be 200X faster than conventional hardware, in analyzing historical and streaming data simultaneously. Dubbed, Ryft ONE, the new offering promises to provide actionable business insights

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