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Data Mining Tops Linkedin'S List Of The Hottest Skills In 2014
Data Science 101News

The list for 25 Hottest Skills of 2014 that got people hired according to the business networking service provider, LinkedIn, came out mid-December last year, and there has been a significant shuffling since 2013. What came out on top as the number one on this list was Statistical Analysis and

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Three Key New Features From Aerospike'S Extensive Upgrade

Back in August, Aerospike announced they were open-sourcing their signature platform. At the beginning of December, they were back again with news of a record-breaking Google Compute Engine Benchmark. Now, to round off what has been an exceptional year for the flash-optimised, in-memory NoSQL database, they’ve released a whole raft

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The One Language A Data Scientist Must Master
Data Science

When business leaders read about (and tackle) Big Data, there is a lot to take in. The field is developing so dynamically that many of the industry buzzwords will not have existed until a few short years ago. Just a short list of some programming languages is enough to make

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