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“With Algo-Trading, The Market Will Have Good Liquidity &Amp; Higher Profits For Users From The Trading Process.”
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How to implement an Algo Order in Cybex Dex?Yes, this is one of the challenges for the second Blockchain Hackathon (part of LongHash Cryptocon Vol2) in Berlin on May 18-19 this year. More details here. As an advantage to all developers, Blockchain enthusiasts and Crypto geeks who are aching to

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Which Industries Reap The Biggest Benefits From Predictive Maintenance And Why
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When considering the growth and productivity of organizations in different fields, it doesn’t take too much time to see a pattern on how maintenance strategies are common throughout all consistently thriving operations. Predictive maintenance is amongst the most impactful of strategy plans because it centers itself on forecasting issues before

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The Perfect Pairing: Machine Learning And Wine
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Stumbling through overwhelming aisles of wines, it can be daunting to find the perfect match to that asparagus-heavy dish. There are pairing tables, books and websites filled with descriptions and ratings, but they aren’t quite an exact science. Seeking out and buying a wine, only to realize you’ve gone the

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How Archaeology And Data Science Are Helping Builders To Avoid Buried Treasure
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Democrata, a U.K. based Data-as-a-service provider is reducing the risk of builders stumbling upon archaeological sites or artefacts during construction by tapping into and analysing data collected by public sector information bodies. “It’s an expensive problem to have once you’ve started digging,” Geoff Roberts, CEO of Democrata, told New Scientist. “We

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The Data-Driven Future Of Advertising
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Gone are the days where advertising and sales were the sole remit of creative-thinking Mad Men types, who wildly conjectured who a product’s target audience might be, and constructed campaigns which may appeal to them. Today, advertising is a much more precise, data-driven field. Of course, creativity has a role

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