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Explanation Methods That Mimic A Larger Model By Generating Simple Approximations Of Machine Learning Predictions Are Sometimes Used By Researchers.
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Machine learning (ML) may assist human decision-makers in high-risk situations. For example, an ML model might forecast which law school applicants have the greatest chances of passing the bar exam and help an admissions officer choose which students should be admitted. Some even found out that ML systems could detect

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Big Data 2022
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Big data has already transformed how many industries operate. Now that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation around the globe, the field has grown faster than most could have predicted. This unprecedented growth will undoubtedly bring considerable disruption in 2022. Big data will disrupt industries further as new challenges and

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2016 Outlook On Artificial Intelligence In The Enterprise 
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, but only recently has it begun to emerge as a viable field with massive commercial opportunity. Why now? The proliferation of data. Data is the fuel that feeds AI and is opening opportunities that we can only have imagined until now. And,

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How Will Data Science Change In 2016?
Data Science

2015 was a good year for data science. A cursory glance at any tech jobs board reveals the sheer breadth of companies looking for data science expertise. Technical terms such as machine learning are slowly entering the public consciousness. Many people still don’t realise how much data science touches their

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&Quot;Being Comfortable With Ambiguity And Successfully Framing Problems Is A Great Way To Differentiate Yourself&Quot; - Interview With Stitch Fix'S Brad Klingenberg

Brad Klingenberg is the Director of Styling Algorithms at Stitch Fix in San Francisco. His team uses data and algorithms to improve the selection of merchandise sent to clients. Prior to joining Stitch Fix Brad worked with data and predictive analytics at financial and technology companies. He studied applied mathematics

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4 Predictions For Big Data In 2015 From Industry Leaders
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2014 was a fantastic year for data science. Funding rounds were huge, the mergers and acquistions space was active all year, data science skills proved to be the hottest of the year. But will data science continue to flourish in 2015? We asked four industry experts- working in AI, big

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Predicting Deaths In Game Of Thrones
Data Science

Who Will Be the Next Character to Die in Game of Thrones? It’s a question that is likely to have been brought up in your social circle at some point in the last couple of years – and a perfect opportunity to arm yourself with predictive analytics. Richard Vale, a

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