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Data Mining For Social Intelligence - Opinion Data As A Monetizable Resource
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The digital age is characterised increasingly by the collective. The information generated by tapping into the minds of many is driving decisions in both the public and private sector; research is becoming social. On the back of this, a new science has emerged – known as opinion mining – which

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What Is Really Driving Public Opinion? - The Next Level In Data Analytics
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Agility and reactivity. These are two words more likely now than ever to feature in a corporate strategy session. Today’s business landscape is, after all, highly dynamic: increasing competition, margin pressures and the threat of disruptive innovation all conspire to erode the market shares of the complacent. The public sector

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Data-As-A-Service Lessons From A Company That Was Right About Trump
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One company correctly predicted both Brexit and Trump’s victory, using data insights that most pollsters missed. This is how to make your own. The US presidential election results sent shock waves around the world and led us to question the validity of political polls, one of the longest-standing and most

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Opinion Mining - Extraction Of Opinions From Free Text
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There’s a lot of buzz around the term “Sentiment Analysis” and the various ways of doing it. Great! So you report with reasonable accuracies what the sentiment about a particular brand or product is. Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis After publishing this report, your client comes back to you and

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