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10 Predictive Analytics Influencers You Need To Know
BI & Analytics

Predictive analytics is the sweet spot where machine learning meets the enterprise. Analytics & predictive algorithms fused together mean we can now gains insight into how future patterns and trends may develop. This type of technology has ramifications across industries, but many are left clueless about the development and applications

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The San Francisco 49Ers Harness Big Data To Boost Fan Engagement

The San Francisco 49ers recently opened their new $1.2 billion Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, which can seat 68,500 fans. They’ve also devised a novel way of finding out more about who exactly is filling those seats- a fan engagement programme called the Faithful 49, which offers fans exclusive incentives

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How Technology Is Changing The Face Of The Nfl
Data ScienceNews

When the Oakland Athletics first pioneered their “Moneyball” approach to baseball, they received a fair amount of scepticism. Today, however, using data to help you assemble the right team and get to know your opponents has become an ubiquitous approach across many different sports. We’ve reported on its use in

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Competitive Edge: Big Data Meets Fantasy Football
BI & AnalyticsNews

Competitve Edge, a new digital platform, will be providing Big Data insights into the world of Fantasy Football from August onwards. Beyond the traditional approach of picking players based on past performance metrics, Competitive Edge will allow users to make informed decisions based on mental, physical and environmental factors which

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