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&Quot;German Companies Are Behind On The Trend Of Using Data To Solve Business Challenges&Quot; - Interview With Dr. Jonathan Mall - Data Natives Berlin 2016
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Data Natives Berlin speaker Dr. Jonathan Mall is a computational Neuropsychologist turned entrepreneur. Seduced by the opportunity to optimize consumer experience using machine learning, he led the Science team in a IBM Big Data Venture ( Afterwards, he founded, a market research institute, using online experiments that illuminate the

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5 Of The Coolest Tech Developments In 2014
Data ScienceMachine Learning

In 2014, we witnessed some of the coolest and craziest tech stories of our time. A future where our cars drives themselves, drones deliver our mail and our surroundings adapt to our preferences automatically are no longer inconceivable- in fact, these scenarios are highly plausible. We trawled through our 2014

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Scientists At Carnegie Mellon Read Harry Potter To Investigate Brain Activity Whilst Reading
Machine LearningNews

At the Carnegie Mellon University’s Machine Learning Department, researchers have identified brain regions that encode words, grammar, character development by performing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans on subjects – while they read Harry Potter. “At first, we were skeptical of whether this would work at all,” explains Tom Mitchell,

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Big Data Fuels Breakthrough In Alzheimer'S Research
Data ScienceHealthcareNews

Researchers at the the University of Manchester have made a breakthrough by identifying a new gene linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, using two of the world’s largest scientific data silos to compare the genes in mice and humans. This marks another step towards determining the type of people

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10 Machine Learning Experts You Need To Know
Machine Learning

Machine learning- to put it mildly- is an incredibly broad and varied field, with multitudes of applications. Thus, writing a list entitled “10 Machine Learning Experts You Need to Know” proves challenging for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’ve restricted my ten picks to those currently working in the field-

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