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Artificial Intelligence Reduces 100,000-Equation Quantum Physics Problem To Four
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Physicists have employed artificial intelligence to simplify a difficult quantum problem that previously required 100,000 equations to a reasonable effort of as few as four equations—all while maintaining accuracy. The discoveries, which were published in Physical Review Letters on September 23rd, have the potential to transform how scientists study systems

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Neural Network Vs Machine Learning: Differences, Benefits And More
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Today we have prepared an interesting comparison: neural network vs machine learning. Because comparing these two concepts is like comparing mozzarella and pizza. Have you ever eaten a pizza without mozzarella? Surely not. The concepts of neural networks and machine learning cannot be thought of separately, despite the fact that

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Researchers At Cornell University Have Developed A Technique To Assist Self-Driving Cars To Recall Past Events And Utilize Them As References While Navigating, Especially In Bad Weather When The Vehicle'S Sensors Cannot Be Trusted.
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Researchers at Cornell University have developed a technique to assist self-driving cars in recalling past events and utilize them as references while navigating, especially in bad weather when the vehicle’s sensors cannot be trusted. On cars, normally, artificial neural networks are not concerned with memory from the past, and they

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A Recent Paper Shows That Neural Networks, Ai Technology For Performing Human-Like Activities, As They'Ve Grown Bigger, They'Ve Been Able To Grasp More Information.
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Opposable thumbs have played an essential role in the evolution of our species. However, if evolution had given us two additional thumbs, things would not be much different. A single thumb on each hand is sufficient. But not for neural networks, the most sophisticated AI technologies for performing human-like activities,

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Enabling Early Alzheimer'S Diagnosis Could Be Possible With Neural Network-Based Visual Stimuli Classification Systems.
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One of the most serious difficulties with Alzheimer’s disease is that it is seldom noticed early on when it may be addressed better. Now, a team of researchers at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has begun researching how human-computer interfaces might be modified for people with neurologic problems to identify

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The Dutch Police Have Utilized A Deepfakes Video To Appeal For Information On The 2003 Murder Of A Young Boy. According To Authorities In Rotterdam, It Is A &Quot;World-First&Quot; Inquiry Using Artificially Altered Video.
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The Dutch police have utilized a deepfakes video to appeal for information on the 2003 murder of a young boy. According to authorities in Rotterdam, it is a “world-first” inquiry using artificially altered video. What are deepfakes? A deepfake is a form of artificial intelligence that may be used to

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Ai Drives The Industry 4.0 Transformation And Ai In Manufacturing Is A Key Concept That All Businesses Should Be Utilizing.
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The industrial revolution, which took place in the last several years, has been the most significant transformation ever faced by the industrial sector. It covers all of today’s cutting-edge technology trends, including autonomous cars, smart connected devices, sensors, computer chips, and other technologies. This metamorphosis was caused by advances in

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Mit Researchers Claim They'Ve Developed A New Method To Teach Robots New Skills, Which May Help Them Perform Manual Labor Objectives More Effectively.

MIT researchers claim they’ve developed a new method to teach robots new skills, which may help them perform manual labor objectives more effectively. A warehouse robot picks mugs off a shelf and places them in boxes for shipment when e-commerce orders pour in. Everything is going smoothly until the warehouse

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Researchers Have Developed The First High-Resolution Global Vegetation Height Map For 2020 From Satellite Photos Using An Artificial Neural Network.

The researchers at ETH Zurich have developed the first high-resolution global vegetation height map for 2020 from satellite photos using an artificial neural network. This map may be vital in the fight against climate change and species loss, as well as in designing long-term sustainable development plans. Researchers from ETH

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75 Big Data Terms Everyone Should Know
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This article is a continuation of my first article, 25 Big Data terms everyone should know. Since it got such an overwhelmingly positive response, I decided to add an extra 50 terms to the list.  Just to give you a quick recap, I covered the following terms in my first

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