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10 Internet Of Things Influencers You Need To Know
Internet of Things

It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that the Internet of Things is going to revolutionise how we live, work and think. From the explosion of sensor data, to connected cars, to the smart homes and cities of the future, IoT is permeating its way into every facet of our

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Ford Focuses On Big Data Ambitions With The New Silicon Valley Research Centre
Big DataIndustrial Goods & ServicesNews

Ford have been at the forefront of top-down big data analytics from the get-go. In our interview with Ford’s Chief Data Scientist Mike Cavaretta last year, he alluded to the opening of a research centre, to propel Ford’s big data research to dizzying new heights. Now, this plan has come to

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The Future Of The Smart Home Is Much Wider &Amp; More Diverse Than The Jetsons Would Have You Believe
Data ScienceNews

Tony Fadell, a former Jobs Protege & current co-founder and CEO of Nest believes that the idea of one central platform that runs smart homes of the future isn’t quite what things are moving towards. In a candid interview with Fast Company Executive Editor Noah Robischon,  the Nest chief executive talks about automated homes, among other

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Nest’s Smart Home Automation Products Are Coming To Europe

Nest have unveiled plans to expand their brand in Europe. Both of Nest’s signature products- Thermostat and Protect– will be on available in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland by the end of September. The announcement was made on Saturday, at the IFA 2014 tech conference here in Berlin, which

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