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Deduplicating Massive Datasets With Locality Sensitive Hashing
Data ScienceMachine Learning

This article is part of a media partnership with PyData Berlin, a group helping support open-source data science libraries and tools. To learn more about this topic, please consider attending our fourth annual PyData Berlin conference on June 30-July 2, 2017. Matti Lyra and other experts will be giving talks

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75 Big Data Terms Everyone Should Know
Big DataData Science 101Understanding Big Data

This article is a continuation of my first article, 25 Big Data terms everyone should know. Since it got such an overwhelmingly positive response, I decided to add an extra 50 terms to the list.  Just to give you a quick recap, I covered the following terms in my first

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How Mimicking Brain Function Is Revolutionising Nlp
Machine Learning

Since Microsoft began working with deep learning neural networks in 2009, we’ve seen huge improvements in the way algorithms can detect our language and dialogue. IBM have continued to pour money and resources into the development of Watson; Apple have moved the development of Siri in-house, to improve its NLP

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Aylien’s New Google Chrome Add-On Makes Natural Language Processing Even More Convenient
Data ScienceNews

Aylien is a natural-language processing startup that has rolled out its text and sentiment analysis add-on for Google Sheets, powered by the Aylien Text Analysis API. The company allows users to analyze their text from spreadsheets in Google Drive. “I tested out the add-on, and it’s both easy and useful,”

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