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Fintech'S Greatest Challenge - Identity &Amp; Trust In A Data Economy

As humans, we were born to trust and form social connections. When we enter the world, within an hour we will draw our heads to seek the eyes or face of the person gazing at us. The Oxford Dictionary defines trust as “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability,

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Wells Fargo Open Big Data Lab
Big DataFinanceNews

Jim Smith, Executive VP and Head of the digital channels group at Wells Fargo, has been discussing recent innovations within the company. Among these innovations is the establishing of Big Data lab, which will augment customer experience, help to identify and prevent fraud, and garner insights about who’s using their

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Mobile Data Fighting Dengue Fever
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Representatives from the Punjab Information Technology Board have spoken about their unlikely secret weapon in the fight against dengue fever; mobile phones. Dengue fever is an international blight. Over 100 million people catch the mosquito-borne disease each year. It’s been nicknamed “breakbone fever”, due to the horrific pain it inflicts

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