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Top 5 Big Data Merger And Acquisition Trends In 2014
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To say that the big data market is thriving would be an understatement. The IDC predicted that the big data sector would be worth $16.1 billion by the close of the year, growing six times faster than the wider IT market. When you consider one single company, Micros, was bought

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What Is Deep Learning?
Machine LearningUnderstanding Big Data

The field of data science has been overcome by buzzwords over the past few years. Such words often start as potentially powerful and revolutionary ideas, but through overuse and miscomprehension lose their potency. One of the terms within the field of data science that is adhering to this trajectory is

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Twitter Jumps On Image Recognition Bandwagon, Acquires Madbits
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The past few years have seen a flurry of computer vision acquisitions by industry-leading websites- Google got DNNResearch, Pinterest acquired Visual Graph, while Yahoo acquired not one but two image recognition startups- IQ Engines and LookFlow. Now, Twitter has entered the fold, announcing the acquisition of deep learning startup Madbits.

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