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&Quot;Building The Amazon For Consumer Finance&Quot; - Alexander Graubner-Müller, Cto Of Kreditech
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As the founder and CTO of Kreditech, Alexander strongly believes that algorithms and statistical data are the building blocks for the next Industrial Revolution. Kreditech, one of Germany’s most data-driven FinTech companies, is a testament to that belief. Before founding Kreditech alongside Sebastian Diemer, Alexander managed engineering and product development

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Berlin Based Fintech Incubator Launches Third Venture, Valendo

The Berlin-based FinTech incubator FinLeap today welcomed a new venture into the market. Their latest startup Valendo is in essence a ” luxury online pawn shop”, providing their customers with quick, no-fuss access to capital, with no need for external credit checks. Andreas von Buttlar, Valendo’s Managing Director, explained the

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