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Kaggle'S March Machine Learning Madness Is Back!
Machine LearningNews

In lieu of the upcoming NCAA tournament office pools and pundit prognosis are starting to gain momentum. For the last few years, however the stakes are high; and the amount of predictive data available gets higher. Betting has been taken to an all new level with big data scientists using

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Hp'S Information Governance Portfolio Leverages Hp Haven To Double Down On Cloud
Data ScienceNews

HP has announced an update to its information governance portfolio, which would include its eDiscovery, ECM, and Information Archiving products. The portfolio, which was developed with the HP HAVEn technology at its core, was designed to help clients understand, organise and analyse more data than ever before. The announcement that

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Meet Hp Haven Ondemand- Hp'S Big Data Analytics In The Cloud
BI & AnalyticsNews

IT giant HP has released HP Haven OnDemand, their Big Data platform that runs on the HP Helion cloud and enables analyses of data such as business and machine as well as unstructured, human information. “To succeed in today’s marketplace, businesses must be able to leverage all forms of data,

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Understanding Big Data: Cross Infrastructure &Amp; Analytics
BI & AnalyticsUnderstanding Big Data

In our cartographic overview of the big data ecosystem, we stated a Big Data environment should allow you to store, process, analyse and visualise data. Thus far in the “Understanding Big Data” series, we’ve been breaking down the ecosystem into composite parts, focusing on software which specifically focuses one or

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