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Behind The Scenes At The Berlin Big Data Center
Data Science

When we think of “governments” and “data”, the associated thoughts that spring to mind aren’t often positive. But we’ve seen government-backed and -funded initiatives around the globe which aim to harness data science for positive growth and change. From fighting fires in Israel to amplifying the voice of the electorate

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Malaysian Ict Custodian Reveals The Setting In Motion Of The Country'S Big Data Framework
Big DataNews

The Malaysian ICT regulatory body, Multimedia Development Corporation’s (MDeC) Big Data Framework for Malaysia, has received the nod from the Prime Minister with recommendations already underway, reported MDeC earlier this week. Recently appointed MDeC chief executive officer Yasmin Mahmood has established that Prime Minister Najib Razak had granted his support

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Romania Striving For Growth With New Digital Agenda
Data ScienceNews

Romania has revealed its intentions to pool resources in order to develop the Information and communications technology sector by setting up national programs and projects to structure ‘an intelligent, sustainable and more inclusive society’. At a meeting in Bucharest’s Central University Library, the Minister for Information Society, Răzvan Cotovelea officially

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