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We Explain What Is Blockchain Gaming, Its History, Best Blockchain Games, Blockchain Gaming Companies And More In Our Article.
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According to the experts, blockchain gaming will be the first genuine use case for blockchain, revolutionizing the sector and making games more immersive. Game platforms have integrated blockchain technology, allowing gamers to collect and trade digital assets that generate a reliable income for game developers while also offering value to

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The Games Industry’s Shift To Deep Data
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When it comes to collecting customer data, the games industry is in a unique and enviable position. Unlike other sectors where customer data is often incomplete, games makers and marketers can access a wealth of live data about every single one of their players. But it wasn’t always so. Games

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Realm Scoops $20M For Their Impressively Tiny Database

Newbie mobile database vendor Realm has garnered $20 million in a Series B funding round led by existing investor, Khosla Ventures. Founded 9 months ago, backed by 3 years of research, what Realm came up with is a new mobile database that runs directly on phones, tablets or smartwatches. A very

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Big Data Takes Over The Gaming Industry

Back in 2013, the Staples Center sold out in under an hour, setting what must be some unofficial record for ticket sales. However, people weren’t buying tickets to see the Lakers or the Kings play. The center was actually hosting the League of Legends Championship. For those of you who

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Real Time + Big Data = Move Elephant Move!
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Elephants in a Storm. Oil tankers take ages to move. Even when there’s a storm ahead, complex machinery, pulleys, engines and switches have to be enabled to make the smallest change in direction. Organizations and Big Data are the same, they use masses of compute power in order to gain

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Study Reveals Girls Are Better At Making Computer Games
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While computer gaming remains primarily male dominated, a new study has revealed that girls may be more skilled at making story-based computer games. The research was conducted by the Informatics Department at the University of Sussex on secondary school students. They were asked to design and program their own computer

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