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The Physician And The Fitbit: Why Doctors And Administrators Don'T Love Wearables

You may love your Fitbit…but does your doctor? The complicated world of wearable data may make their lives harder. How many doctors encourage patients to use fitbits and wearables? Well, Hawley Montgomery-Downs, an associate professor of psychology at West Virginia University, studied Fitbit’s capabilities. In her words: “I have a

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Csi Wearable Tech, Fitbit Data To Support Legal Claims

Fitness tracking wearable tech by Fitbit is now being used to support legal claims in personal injury cases, setting a legal precedent for the use of personal data. A team of Calgary-based lawyers representing a woman who was injured in an accident four years ago, and has been using her

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Healthcare Meets Big Data

What started out as simple cooperation between big data and healthcare may soon grow into something much bigger – and it looks like it will be in the form of wearable wireless devices. According to ABI Research, “Healthcare big data analysis will grow to a $52 million market by 2019…[and]

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