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Graph Visualization With A Time Machine
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Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Semantic Graph Database technology for Knowledge Graphs, recently announced Gruff v7.0, the industry’s leading Graph Visualization software for exploring and discovering connections within data. Gruff provides novice users and graph experts the ability to visually build queries and explore

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Three Signs You Might Be Experiencing A Nosql Hangover
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Selecting a database technology to build your new application on is often a complex and even stressful process. While the business use case for the application is pretty straightforward, the nuances of the data platform that will power it are often much less clear, with the decision on what technology

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7 Signs You Should Move To Big Data Storage
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Relational databases have been in place for decades, but many organizational owners as well as administrators have come across the concept of big data. Big data defies the laws of relational databases and lets you store unstructured data. Basically, you can store anything and everything. As your data requirements increase,

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How-To: Migrate A Database From On-Premise To The Cloud
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Migrating from an on-premise server to a cloud server will offer you a wide range of benefits. They range from a reduction to your involvement in database management to getting more advanced features from a third party whose main job is to offer the best database services. All in all,

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10 Essential Database Ingredients
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Whenever you ask a successful company why they wrote their own large distributed system, or put a lot of work into gluing multiple systems together, the reason almost always boils down to something like, “Well, XYZ did nearly everything we needed, except…”. There are a couple of stellar write-ups from

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Sql Vs. Nosql Vs. Newsql: Finding The Right Solution
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With SQL now invading the NoSQL camp, (see here), how should an organization choose between a traditional SQL database, a NoSQL data store, or NewSQL database? 2015 Turing Award winner Mike Stonebraker said it best: “one size does not fit all”. The idea that a single database product can satisfy

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'Streams In The Beginning, Graphs In The End' Part Iii: Why It’s All Connected
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‘Streams in the Beginning, Graphs in the End’ is a three-part series by Dataconomy contributor and Senior Director of Product Management at Cray, Inc., Venkat Krishnamurthy – focusing on how big changes are afoot in data management, driven by a very different set of use cases around sensor data processing.

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'Streams In The Beginning, Graphs In The End' - Part Ii: Sensors, Event Streams And ‘Upside Down’ Databases
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‘Streams in the Beginning, Graphs in the End’ is a three-part series by Dataconomy contributor and Senior Director of Product Management at Cray, Inc., Venkat Krishnamurthy – focusing on how big changes are afoot in data management, driven by a very different set of use cases around sensor data processing. In part I, we talked about

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4 Reasons To Scale Operational Applications On Hadoop
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Powering real-time applications involves scaling not only existing enterprise applications, but also new applications that have emerged from the web, social media, and mobile devices. Overwhelmed by massive data growth, businesses must carefully select cost-effective technologies that can enable applications to easily manage both the data volumes of today and

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Datastax Debuts Dse 4.7, The Complete Enterprise Database Platform
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DataStax today announced the general availability of DataStax Enterprise 4.7 (DSE 4.7), the database platform purpose-built for the performance and availability demands of web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With significant advancements to integrated enterprise search, analytics, security, in-memory computing, and database management and monitoring, DSE 4.7 is capable

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