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Whether you are experienced or thinking about getting into Data science, in this guide you will find out: Which cities top the chart when it comes to the highest data scientist salary available? Do Data Scientists like working with startups? Do they want to stick to a job for more

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As a relatively new role, “data guru” is a challenging job specification to draft for. Organisations are seeking highly-skilled and well-educated individuals to fulfil the position but, the truth is, the data scientist an organisation needs is not a guru, but a colleague. Most organisations forget that recruiting the right

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Here is what a recent report says about job opportunities for Data Scientists across Europe including salaries and benefits, job motivations, programming languages used, tech skills and what people want most from their work. Glassdoor names “Data Scientist” as the best job in the United States for 2019 and LinkedIn

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Data Science 101

When I first started working in data, I used to think it was all about the algorithms and tools. Now banging my head against the wall has helped temper some of that. I now see the Data Science role as including at least some management consultancy. Recently Max Shron in

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Data Science

From apple grower to fine arts student, from software developer to machine learning PhD- Jose Quesada has done it all. Now, he’s established Data Science Retreat, a course to help people with his passion for growth and development to delve into the world of data science. We recently spoke to

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Chris Pearson is a Co-Founder of Big Cloud specialist recruiters in the fields of Big Data & Data Science.”. In his debut article with us, Chris talks about the science behind finding the right Data Scientist. Read any Big Data Gartner report or salary survey and they all tell you the

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