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Build Products That Create Impact
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When you build products and launch them, are you – and be honest here – making decisions on each stage of development using data? While for many years, everyone from development teams, product managers, founders, and marketers have touted they’re using a data-driven approach to everything; the truth is often

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3 I’s Of Data-Driven Engineering
Data Science

Where do I get started with data-driven engineering? How can the 3 I’s of data-driven engineering help me get off to a running start? How can I avoid the common pitfalls of data-driven engineering? What are the 3 I’s? The 3 I’s of data-driven engineering are insights, indicators and investments.

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Data Is The New Dollar: Turning Data Into Business Profit
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Every business knows that their data, from customer demographics and buying behavior to production insights, holds tremendous value. But, historically, most have considered only its internal worth—the insight it provides to improve operational efficiency, deliver a better customer experience, enhance products and services or save money. But now, a new perspective on data

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Five Ways We Can Make Our Cities Smarter Using Identity-Driven Iot
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken off and is slowly revolutionising the world we live in. Smartphones, smart cars, even smart fridges – all now boast connectivity designed to make our lives easier and more efficient. This is expanding to a citywide scale, with over one billion connected devices

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