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Cognitive Computing: What’s in a Name? Cognitive computing might be one of the many buzzwords that you today hear and see alongside such terms as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data. However, quite opposite to these terms, Cognitive computing, as it seems, does not have a clear

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The U.S. produces 1.2 billion clinical care documents each year. These documents contain information about a patient’s medical history, doctor’s visits, hospital visits, previous treatments, procedures, test results and prescription medications. Physicians can access information about their patient from their electronic health record to weigh treatment options, but to really

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Saffron Technology have just announced Saffron 10, the latest version of their Natural Intelligence Platform. Saffron Technology cliams to be the first cognitive computing solution on the market that draws on how the brain learns and anticipates event. The system looks for associations in the data that might have remained

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