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How Agile Cloud Solutions Can Upgrade On-Prem Performance: The Bi Business Case
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Moving IT to the cloud is one of the main objectives  for many companies. But once achieved, they find managing data in a hybrid environment a challenge. This is when metadata management becomes more important than ever. Cloud vs. on-premises? It’s one of those topics that you hear broached at

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Dare To Share In The Cloud: How Secure Is Your Data?
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The march to the cloud for mission-critical applications is picking up speed. Even financial services firms, noted for their caution, are making headway. UK-based insurance intermediary Towergate Insurance announced last year that it is moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud. And The Wall Street Journal reported in June 2016

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Thinking About Cloud Data Analytics? Consider This
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Thinking about going the cloud-route for your big data analytics strategy? You’re not alone. Suddenly, the cloud has become a hot topic in the analytics software world and in particular big data analytics. While customer relationship management (CRM) software and other applications, like payroll and expense reporting, have steadily moved

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Is The Cloud Finally Ready For Big Data?
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Few things in technology outside of catching Pikachu on your iPhone have been hyped as much as big data. However, with any trending topic, new technology or invention that’s being called the “wave of the future,” it’s important to look past the hype and analyze what’s actually going on. Outside

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Birst And Sap Extend Partnership To Offer Instant Cloud Analytics
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Companies offering cloud-based analytics platforms have received considerable attention over the past few years and it is undeniably a hot place to be today. Take the release of Oracle RightNow Analytics Cloud last week, as an example of this, or GoodData’s recent funding announcement. SalesForce is also preparing an analytics

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Ibm’s Watson Analytics In A Freemium Model, Fine Tuned To Make Cognitive Computing Accessible To The Masses
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In a major announcement this week, IBM has released Watson Analytics, a service that will give businesses — both large and small — access to natural language tools and predictive algorithms on a freemium pricing model. It will be a cloud-based service designed to run on desktop and mobile devices. Calling it

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