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15 It &Amp; Big Data Titans Come Together To Establish The Us Open Data Platform
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IT companies and business heavyweights are joining forces in a shared industry effort focused on promoting and advancing the state of Apache Hadoop and Big Data technologies for the enterprise. Introducing the Open Data Platform Initiative (ODP) which will in essence, help enterprises enhance business value globally with Hadoop. Founding

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Capgemini And Cloudera Extend Partnership To Kickstart Big Data Deployments

Partners Capgemini and Cloudera have blissfully co-existing since the autumn of last year. Now, they’re taking their relationship to the next level; they’re extending their partnership to assisst and accelerate big data deployment in Australia. Capgemini is also accelerating its global investment in the Cloudera platform. “Frontiers between the digital

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Capgemini: The Value Of Customer Analytics

According to research conducted by Capgemini, the lack of consumer analytics in commercial banks is proving to be a large impediment to their growth and success. The research shows that banks applying analytics to customer data have a four-percentage point lead in market share over banks that do not, and

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