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How To Boost Your Career In Big Data And Analytics
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The world is increasingly digital, and this means big data is here to stay. In fact, the importance of big data and data analytics is only going to continue growing in the coming years. It is a fantastic career move and it could be just the type of career you

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Why Your Data Scientist Isn'T Being More Inventive
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You probably had some big ideas in mind when you first started thinking about adopting big data solutions for your business. There’s usually a tinge of excitement when it comes to big data, and business owners are eager to tap into all its potential. Hiring a qualified data science team

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&Quot;Knowledge Of The Business Really Influences How One Approaches Analyzing Issues&Quot;-Interview With Minethatdata'S Kevin Hillstrom
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Kevin is President of MineThatData, a consultancy that helps CEOs understand the complex relationship between Customers, Advertising, Products, Brands, and Channels. Kevin supports a diverse set of clients, including internet startups, thirty million dollar catalog merchants, international brands, and billion dollar multichannel retailers. Kevin is frequently quoted in the mainstream

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The Data Science Industry: A Look At The Key Roles
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Re-identifying the roles in the Data Science Industry Data Science is a growing field, that goes without saying. Businesses are taking a data driven approach to maximize understanding, output and results within their industry, gaining a competitive advantage. Although, the end goal for all companies is more or less the

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Big Data Jobs In High Demand

According to statistics collected by the job site, the demand for data processing skills – NoSQL, Apache Hadoop, Python, etc – has hit an “all time high.” Dice claims that among the skills most sought after, NoSQL experts with experience in unstructured data systems like MongoDB is leading the

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