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Who'S Who Of Fintech Incubators And Accelerators
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Nothing is better than seeing a lowly start­up succeed. They push the envelop, think outside of the box, and inspire. The game, however, can be tough to play. For innovators and techies who don’t necessarily have experience or funding, breaking through can seem impossible. This is why accelerators and incubators

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Barclays will be the first British bank to offer payments using their twitter handle. The service – powered by its Pingit mobile phone app – aims to give the UK’s 13.5 million Twitter users the ability to make swift, secure payments through the social network without providing either their bank

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London Fintech Scene On The Rise

The London fintech scene is on the rise. London is not only the financial hub of Europe, it has also taken the place of the global fintech capital. Building on its traditional strength in financial technology services, it is able to draw on the expertise of around 135k employees in

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