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Why Large Financial Institutions Struggle To Adopt Technology And Data Science
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Data innovation and technology are a much discussed but rarely successfully implemented in large financial services firms.  Despite $480 Billion spent globally in 2016 on financial services IT, the pace of financial innovation from incumbents lags behind FinTech which received a comparatively puny $17 Billion in investment in 2016.  What

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What Are Banks Telling Their Investors About Fintech?
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Interest in fintech disruption is at an all-time high, but who will be the winners and who the losers is far from clear. Banks themselves have been sending mixed messages. As a particularly high profile example, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon famously raised the alarm when he said in

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5 Ways The Fintech Revolution Will Reshape Personal Finance

The Fintech revolution powered by Smart Data is happening. Startups are disrupting financial technology that remained unchanged for decades. The new non-bank lenders adapt to emerging technologies and manage to integrate them into risk management, customer relationship management and pricing in order to enhance the service. The Fintech revolution is

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IT spending in North American banks will get a serious push this year. Expected to grow about 4.5%, IT spending will reach $62.2 billion in 2015 from $59.5 billion in 2014. Growth will drop slightly in 2016 and is expected to reach $64.8 billion according to analyst firm Celent. The

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