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Rosemary Radich

Rosemary Radich is Head of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at AccuWeather, leading statistical analytics and predictive modeling. In her critical role overseeing AccuWeather’s dedicated global weather data science and analytics team, Radich identifies marketplace advantages for clients, applying the most accurate, robust and detailed big data sources, AccuWeather’s proprietary IP, and comprehensive, advanced analyses to inform predictive models. She enables clients to maximize ROI in areas such as sales, marketing, supply chain, logistics, and operations through custom weather-based predictive modeling in addition to analyzing internal data within AccuWeather to help increase efficiency and accuracy. Radich has spoken at business conferences for multiple industries where she advises business leaders on how to drive results across all areas of the organization through the power of weather data and analytics.

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Everyone has heard the old moniker garbage in – garbage out. It is a simple way of saying that machine learning is only as good as the data, algorithms, and human experience that goes into them. But even the best results can be thought of as garbage if no one

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